Greener BeeGreen HolidaysPulse victim Enrique L. Rios: ‘I wish I could have him for one more holidays’

Racial Rios remembers her brother Enrique L. Rios for how he would always have family members color-coordinate for holidays.

“My brother was very, very big on holidays and family,” she says about her older brother, who was at Pulse nightclub while on vacation from New York. “[On] Christmas and Thanksgiving, he would actually have us color-coordinate our clothes. On Thanksgiving we would all have on burgundy. Christmas we would have on green. I wish I could have him for one more holiday.”

She says the holidays will never be same without Enrique, 25, a social worker.

Her brother wanted the family to match for family photos.

“He was just big on looking good and making sure everyone around him looked good,” she says with laugh.

Racial, 23, says she will miss her brother encouraging her to chase her dreams.

“Anybody he met, he wanted them to do great in life,” she says. “He didn’t have no time for negativity. He was positive, positive, positive. That’s something he instilled in us.”

She wishes she could tell him that she loved him one more time.

“Sometimes we weren’t big on the ‘I love yous’ or the ‘I miss yous,’ ” she says. “But sometimes it’s good to hear the words or say the words.”

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