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Hello readers, it’s a good day to write when you’re at a loss for what to do on a beautiful day such as this last day in October when the sky finally turned into a blue like I’ve not seen since early Spring. I have wanted to putter in the yard all day but that harsh morning wind kept me coming and going and the leaves were falling so fast that I couldn’t keep them off my porch. So I just gave it up and went in and put on some cabbage to cook and promptly fell asleep. Doug gets on to me a lot for being so forgetful but it’s so easy to take a short nap when it’s cold outside. Now that Doug is retired, he watches over me more than ever. Thank the Lord and Doug.

This cold weather will be the best time for our Thanksgiving holiday where we can all gather in the name of our Lord and share his bountiful blessings. As I’ve said before, Thanksgiving is my favorite of all the holidays and I love sharing the two or three days with my son and his children. I do pray that our grandsons Ryan and Casey from Williamsburg can be here and maybe our Amanda and her husband David Anderson will make my whole month if I know they are around if only for awhile. I’m not picky about the day — just try and come see us. I know everyone gets really rushed, especially these next couple months.

I went to the Fifth Sunday Hymn Sing and my friend Janet Perry came along as we enjoyed ourselves with the crowd at New Antioch Christian Church on Buckeye Rd. We had a large crowd and I thank Mrs. Ruth Ross for her welcome. The singing was truly good and some songs I hadn’t heard before. That was a treat and many thanks to all the good cooks for the hot chili and white bean soup with lots of extras to send the crowd on their way home. They have a beautiful church at New Antioch and I’m proud Janet and I could be there. Maybe we can attend the next Hymn Sing together.

The Ephriam McDowell Health Fair at Leavell Green Christian Church on Saturday morning was well attended and again, Janet and her friend Dean and I went to take part in the screening. It was an interesting morning. Thank you, Leavell Green members, for offering this medical service in Paint Lick.

My deepest sympathy is with the family of Mr. Isaac Barnett who passed on a couple of weeks ago. Isaac was a very sweet gentleman and I knew him from when I worked at Uncle Tom’s Restaurant and Grocery. I never heard him say a harsh word to anyone and I’ll say that you just don’t find gentlemen like Ike Barnett. anymore. Many of the elderly folks from Uncle Tom’s Restaurant are now gone and our world changes with the passing of each one, but the memories stay with as long as like. They were singing a song at The Hymn Sing called “Daddy, how come the good old days are not good old days anymore”? I can recall most of those good old days at the store in Paint Lick and people like Isaac Barnett was a part of those days. My thoughts are with his family and many friends.

Happy birthday to my sister-in-law Mrs. Betty Alexander on Nov. 5. Betty lives on Gillespie Pike and she is a wonderful cake baker, especially her Black Walnut Creme Cake. The best in the world!

May God bless.

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