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17:59 26 January 2017

Robson Green is in North Devon for his first episode of Tales from the Coast with Robson Green on ITV this Tuesday (January 31). Picture: ITV


Watch new series Tales from the Coast with Robson Green and a full episode in North Devon this Tuesday (January 31) on ITV

Robson Green with Jamie McLintock, the owner of Ilfracombe’s Tunnel Beaches in the first episode of Tales from the Coast with Robson Green. Picture: ITV

Viewers can watch Robson Green take a dip in the pool at Ilfracombe’s Tunnels Beaches and much more besides on ITV this Tuesday (January 31).

The first episode of new series Tales from the Coast with Robson Green focuses solely on his visit to North Devon and features some of the region’s most iconic beauty spots.

First, the presenter and actor visits the Tunnels Beaches in Ilfracombe, now a popular wedding venue, where he meets owners Jamie McLintock.

He learns how miners dug a network of tunnels through the cliffs to enable Victorian holiday-makers to access the beach and its tidal pool – before taking a bracing swim in the pool himself.

Robson Green with Clovelly Harbour Master Stephen Perham and a ‘Clovelly sleigh’ used for moving goods over the steep cobbled street. Picture: ITV

North Devon for Robson is the location of some of his most precious childhood holidays.

He said of filming the show: “There are parts of North Devon that make you feel like you’re stepping back in time, so I’m hoping this journey will help me understand just how and why our love affair with the coast began.”

His next stop after Ilfracombe is the picturesque fishing village of Clovelly, where he meets harbour master Steve Perham and unwittingly finds himself involved in a dramatic cliff top rescue mission – which made the evening news. Finally he heads off to Lundy Island, where locals tell him that if he wants to get the ultimate view of its glorious coastline he will need to climb the sea cliff on the west side of the island known as The Devil’s Slide, the largest slab of granite in Europe, at 400-feet in length.

With help from climber Stuart Bradby he does just that…

Robson Green with Stuart Bradby ‘the wall crawler’. Picture: ITV

* Watch Tales from the Coast with Robson Green this Tuesday, January 31, on ITV1 at 8pm.

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