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If there’s ever a time to think about a pedicure, it’s now. You’re about to head off for your summer holiday and are well and truly in sandal territory – even if the rain is still featuring heavily in the UK this summer. But back to holidays – the only problem is deciding which colour to pick – oh the commitment! Here’s some handy tips to help you decide. 

Brights are always a good idea – but keep it classic

Think of summer pedicures and chances are your mind will jump to bright toes painted a shade of orange or red. These are always key summer colours, especially anything in the coral or orange family. (It’s no coincidence that one of Chanel’s best-selling ‘it’ shades, Espadrille (£18), is a bright tangerine orange.) Although colours such as blues and greens are trendy for a season or two, they are hard to pull off in a bright shade. 

Embrace the pastels

But having said that, a pastel version of blue, green or lilac is an excellent way to try something new on your toes without it looking too drastic. Keep the colour pure, though, without any sparkles: a sparkly pastel is the quickest way to a tacky pedicure. No thanks. Orly’s Nail Polish in Violet Pastel, £9.50, is a good choice. 

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