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Tales from the Coast with Robson Green
8pm, ITV

Fresh from his Robson Crusoe adventure, Green turns his attention to our own isles and their photogenic coastlines in this new series. Tonight he heads down to Devon and the town of Ilfracombe, a holiday resort developed in the Victorian era when seaside holidays became all the rage. While there, Green has an encounter with a conger eel. Then it’s across the sea to the tiny island of Lundy for a precarious spot of climbing. David Stubbs

Sicily: The Wonder of the Mediterranean
9pm, BBC2

First instalment of a terrific two-part meander around Sicily by the historian Michael Scott. Sicily is, as Scott correctly notes, a fascinating anomaly, a place that often feels closer to the Middle East or north Africa than Europe or, indeed, anywhere else in Italy. Scott unpicks the 30 centuries of conquest and counter-conquest that have made the island what it is, visiting a selection of illustrative ruins and the people who live among them. Andrew Mueller

The Flash
9pm, Sky1

The Fitbit-melting superhero Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) returns after a mid-season furlough. Gustin got his start in Glee, and there’s the tantalising prospect of a Flash/Supergirl musical crossover looming in March. Before all that, Barry has to try to short-circuit the timeline that leads to the murder of his beloved Iris. But since even the Flash can’t be in two places at once, he looks to his equally speedy bro Wally for help. A new episode of Supergirl airs at 8pm. Graeme Virtue

10pm, BBC2

The last in the series of Joylon Rubinstein and Heydon Prowse’s hidden-camera, people-trolling comedy finds them taking to the streets, donning more leaden personas and saying proactively awful things to the general public in order to film their baffled reactions. When they get access to targets actually worth lampooning, such as officials at the Chinese embassy, or MEPs in Strasbourg, the gags fall predictably flat. Farewell to this toothless, sub-Day Today guff. Ben Arnold

The Modern British Slave Trade
10pm, Channel 4

Slavery has never truly gone away. This documentary suggests that it’s dismayingly common in modern Britain and may even be becoming normalised in our increasingly cut-throat labour market. Many of the details here are almost too much to bear – from workers living in conditions of medieval squalor to the practice of “fly-tipping” people who have outlived their usefulness. Tough if necessary viewing. Phil Harrison

Idris Elba: Fighter
10pm, Discovery

Idris Elba’s quest to compete as a professional kickboxer culminates with his training taking him to Thailand, home of kickboxing. Throwing himself into a dedicated mindset containing nought but prep, at a gym famed throughout the sport, there’s certainly no lack of dedication from the star of Luther. With good reason – his big bout comes against a determined pro, packing a 9-2 win-lose ratio. Can Idris cause an unlikely upset? Mark Gibbings-Jones

This Is Us
11pm, Channel 4

This week, the addictive family drama gas Kate, Kevin and Randall heading off on one last trip to the cabin where they spent many a childhood holiday after hearing of Rebecca’s plans to sell it. In among the board games and nostalgia they flick through family photos, but Randall is still angry at his mum and seeks solace in some magic mushrooms. Viewers are guaranteed one big cry per episode and there’s plenty to tug at the heartstrings as Randall’s trip unfolds. Hannah Verdier

Film choice

Paradise: Love (Ulrich Seidl, 2012) 12.55am, Film4
The first part of Seidl’s trilogy follows Margarethe Tiesel’s divorced Teresa, who heads to Kenya to find sex, and possibly more, with the country’s beach gigolos. It’s a poignant setup, but developed in a curiously detached manner. Teresa and the men are observed in all their naked vulnerability, and Seidl remains scrupulously neutral on the sex tourism trade.

Today’s sport

Cycling: Tour of Dubai Coverage of the 181km opening stage of the race. 10am, Eurosport 2

Premier League Football: Liverpool v Chelsea Jürgen Klopp’s charges try to peg back the league leaders. 7pm, BT Sport 1

Championship Football: Brentford v Aston Villa Steve Bruce’s Villa take on the Bees, who managed a draw in the reverse fixture last September. 7.30pm, Sky Sports 2

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