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New guidelines issued by the University of North Carolina caution employees not to utter microaggressions such as “Christmas vacation,” “husband/boyfriend” and “round of golf,” among other things.

The instruction book, first reported by Campus Reform, provides examples of potential microaggressions by “social identity group,” including race, gender and sexual orientation.

Under the “Religion” tab, the guidebook says organizing vacations around Christian holidays “[f]urther centers the Christian faith and minimizes non-Christian spiritual rituals and observances.”

With regard to “gender” microaggressions, the guidelines discourage saying “I love your shoes!” to women, or otherwise complementing their appearance.

To compliment a woman on her appearance, the guidance warns, is essentially to say: “I notice how you look and dress more than I value your intellectual contributions. How you look is really important.”

Microaggressions against one’s “sexual orientation” include “[r]eferring to ‘husband/boyfriend’ of women, ‘wife/girlfriend’ of men who are coworkers instead of partner/spouse.”

This, the taxpayer-funded university warns, “[s]ets the expectation that people do not identify as LGBTQ until they say otherwise or disclose their sexual orientation.”

Finally, the guide discourages staff from inviting others to play a “round of golf,” which “[a]ssumes employees have the financial resources/exposure to a fairly expensive and inaccessible sport.”

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