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To the super rich, renting a luxury holiday home must be similar to the way that favourite, childless aunts describe their adoring young nieces and nephews: they love them dearly, but can’t wait to hand them back at the end of the day.

For some, the brilliant thing about being very wealthy isn’t the thrill of accumulating as much property as possible; it’s the joy of being able to rid yourself of the shackles of property ownership (the expense, the hassle, the security issues, the need to keep returning to the same place) and, instead, enjoy the world’s most luxurious homes whenever and wherever the mood takes you.

That’s why so many rich and famous people end up living in five-star hotels. And it’s not a dissimilar service on offer in the world’s most luxurious holiday villas which, in their bid to compete for the affections of the super rich, are offering ever more lavish services and perks.

At Chalet Spa Verbier, available to rent from CHF30,000-CHF50,000 (approx. £23,000-£39,000) a week, guests have not just a team of managers, chefs, housekeepers and spa therapists at their disposal in one of the most luxurious chalets in the Swiss Alps, but – for an additional fee – a variety of “lifestyle” add-ons that include access to super yachts, private planes, sports cars and even rare antique violins.

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