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Sweet potatoes on the holiday table are nothing new, but these creative holiday sweet potato recipes are fresh takes on this old vegetable.

How to buy  store sweet potatoes, plus 11 creative holiday sweet potato recipes!

Buying Storing Sweet Potatoes

Before you get cooking, you want to make sure you’re choosing a good sweet potato—and storing it properly. Your sweet potato recipes will turn out best if you start with solid ingredients. In general, you don’t want to grab the biggest sweet potato at the store. A small to medium sweet potato will be the sweetest and creamiest. The skin shouldn’t be too blotchy, but like with winter squash, some blemishes are fine. You want a potato that’s firm—soft spots are a bad sign.

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There are many varieties of sweet potato, and they can vary quite a bit in sweetness and starchiness. In general, if a recipe doesn’t say, an orange or purple sweet potato will work. They have a similar taste and, as their names suggest, give the finished dish a vibrant color.

Japanese sweet potatoes are delicious, but they are starchier-tasting and a little bit less sweet than the sweet potatoes you might be used to. In a recipe, I wouldn’t opt for these unless specified, because you’ll definitely get different results. If you’ve never had a Japanese sweet, though, I recommend giving one a try! They’re delicious baked with a little bit of olive oil and salt.

Once you’ve got your sweet potatoes all picked out, you want to store them correctly. Don’t stick them in the fridge! Like white potatoes, ginger, garlic and certain herbs, they do best stored out of the fridge. Keep your sweet potatoes in a cool, dark part of the kitchen until you’re ready to use them.

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Ready to get cooking? Here are some delicious-and-fun holiday sweet potato recipes to deck your table this year!

These creative holiday sweet potato recipes are fresh takes on this old vegetable.

Holiday Sweet Potato Recipes

Sweet Potato Almond Soup from Veggie Inspired Journey

1. Sweet Potato Almond Soup – Kick off your holiday meal with some warm, healthy soup! This creamy sweet potato soup gets its richness from the potatoes and a healthy dollop of almond butter.

Sweet Potato Lentil Pot Pie from Ricki Heller

2. Sweet Potato Lentil Pot Pie – This is a beautiful, meatless main dish that’s hearty and healthy.

Spiced Purple Sweet Potato Baked Oatmeal from Healthy Slow Cooking

3. Spiced Purple Sweet Potato Baked Oatmeal – This sweet, creamy breakfast dish makes a great holiday dessert, too!

Sweet Potato Holiday Casserole from Vegan Heaven

4. Mashed Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Casserole – This lovely sweet potato bake is part of a whole plant-based holiday spread!

Sweet Potato Muffins from The Vegan 8

5. Sweet Potato Muffins – These aren’t your typical sweet potato muffins. They’re covered in a spiced, sweet potato caramel glaze!

Sweet Potato Chocolate Cake from Plant Powered Kitchen

6. Chocolate Cake – This festive chocolate cake has healthy sweet potatoes in both the cake AND the frosting!

Maple Lime Sweet Potatoes from Fried Dandelions

7. Maple Lime Sweet Potatoes – Tangy, smoky flavors from lime and maple syrup are a lovely refresh of classic, roasted sweet potatoes.

Molasses, Miso, and Maple Candied Sweet Potatoes from Go Dairy Free

8. Molasses, Miso, and Maple Candied Sweet Potatoes – This is another delicious take on roasted sweet potatoes. They’re rich and sweet with deep seasonings that are perfect for the holiday table.

Sweet Potato Bruschetta from Veganosity

9. Sweet Potato Bruschetta – Bruschetta is usually a summer dish, but this sweet potato version is perfect for the cooler months.

Golden Veggie Crumble Pie from Trinity's Kitchen

10. Golden Veggie Crumble Pie – Sweet potatoes are the star of this vegan entree that’s perfect for the holiday table.

Thanksgiving Kebabs from Cadry's Kitchen

11. Holiday Kebabs – If you’re having warm weather this month, you can grill your sweet potatoes for the holiday table!

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