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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for ethical vegans who miss the taste of their favorite eggy dishes, it can be a bummer. Luckily, with creativity and a special ingredient or two, plant-based eaters can still please their palates with the nostalgic taste of eggs while remaining cruelty-free!

These featured recipes are made from scratch using simple ingredients anyone can find at the grocery store or spice shop. However, there are also some products on the market that make eggy breakfasts even easier for vegans. For instance, the VeganEgg by Follow Your Heart and The Vegg are powdered products that come alive with water and some heat. If you’d rather get cozy cooking from scratch, try out these tasty meals for any kind of egg-lover.

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1. Savory chickpea flour pancake

Reminiscent of an omelet, savory chickpea pancakes are an easy and nutritious morning meal. They can be customized with your favorite vegetables and spices, or you can follow Vegan Richa’s more authentic Indian take on the dish. Experiment with the dry-to-wet ingredient ratios for thicker or thinner pancakes, too.

A secret ingredient to use in this dish, as well as any other vegan dish you want to taste like eggs, is black salt. This is not to be confused with salt that is black! Black salt, or kala namak, is actually pink in hue and can be found at almost any spice shop or Indian market, as well as online. You won’t regret stocking up on this stuff!

2. Eggless quiche

A brunch-lover’s dream, quiche is simple to cook and a delight to eat. Vegan quiche can be just as easy to prepare with silken tofu as the main ingredient, giving it a silky mouthfeel and taking on the flavors of the veggies and spices that accompany it. If you would rather do the soy free thing, here’s a recipe that uses vegetable broth and gluten free flour!

vegan, vegan recipes, vegan breakfast, eggless, egg recipes, vegan egg, brunch recipes, vegetarian

3. Avocado topped with salt and pepper

You may think I’m lying, but to my taste buds a perfectly ripe avocado sprinkled with salt and freshly cracked black pepper is reminiscent of scrambled eggs! And, I dare you to find an easier breakfast side dish. Give it a try sometime!

4. Tofu scramble

Tofu scrambles are probably the fan favorite when it comes to omnivore-turned-veggie breakfasts. Part of the appeal is transforming them into whatever flavor profile your little heart desires! You can keep it super-simple with a few veggies, some greens and a sprinkle of turmeric for color or go all out and serve up a spicy Tex Mex scramble. This dish is also perfect for using your black salt.

vegan, vegan recipes, vegan breakfast, eggless, egg recipes, vegan egg, brunch recipes, vegetarianPhoto: Vegan Crunk

5. Tofu deviled “eggy” bites

If you grew up on deviled eggs at family functions and miss their unique creaminess and taste, fear not! You can totally serve up vegan deviled tofu bites that will leave your party guests amazed. Bianca of the blog Vegan Crunk has perfected a recipe for her “eggy” bites that utilizes the powers of black salt in a way that wows the taste buds. These are perfect for a sunny picnic or potluck with adventurous eaters. Is there anything that can’t be veganized? I just don’t think so.

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