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Jump to the nearest women’s interest magazine and you’ll likely find multiple articles on signs that you’ve found “the one.” The visibility of these conversations might lead us to believe romantic partnerships are the only important relationships in our lives – but they’re not. What about friendships? Family relationships? Community? And the workplace?

Our work identities tend to be very central to who we are — after all, when you meet someone for the first time, “what do you do?” is likely one of the first questions to pop up. That’s why it’s important to make sure you work in a healthy environment.

Take a step back to examine your workplace – what makes it great? What makes it a pain? If you find several of the following elements at your place of employment, it’s probably a sign that your workplace is pretty darn great.

1. Effective communication between colleagues

We really can’t get much done at all without communication – in any aspect of our lives. The way we relate information to each other is essential. In the workplace, timely and considerate communication is the bedrock of forming healthy relationships between workers. Examples on each extreme end of the spectrum are often the ones that stick out in our minds: the time a co-worker ghosted colleagues during a group project or the time a boss delivered enthusiastic praise for a job well done.

2. Clear job expectations

It can be excruciating to work in an environment where your role and duties change as quickly as the sun’s position in the sky. Unclear expectations lead to worker dissatisfaction and high turnover, which are not good for any type of business or organization. If your tasks and spot on the team are explained clearly and in a timely manner, you’re probably in a top notch workplace.

3. Efforts to reduce burnout

A self-aware workplace is a strong workplace. Any type of job can create a sense of fatigue and burnout in its staff, but the best ones try to stay ahead of the curve. It is a good sign if your place of employment offers trainings on self-care, encourages the use of vacation time, is receptive to changes that increases morale, or does effective team-building exercises.

4. Mature co-workers

The emotional age of co-workers matters. Goofing off from time to time and using laughter as a way to cope with the more difficult aspects of the job can be super-helpful, and that’s not what is meant by the word “maturity.” A mature workforce communicates assertively, does not use manipulation, seeks out and is receptive to feedback, and behaves ethically.

5. Receptive to feedback

Change is an expected part of life and should be expected of workplaces, as well. As companies grow and missions update, organizations are at an advantage when they listen to the feedback of staff instead of shutting them out. Breathe a sigh of relief if your company values your concerns from the get go.

6. Connection to your passion

One true sign of a wonderful workplace is the work itself connecting to what you are most passionate about in life. If you have a setting where you feel a sense of purpose and meaning every day, then it’s probably a keeper.

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