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Missing your furry friend is never a good time. Whether you’re away from them for a week, an hour or an eternity it is difficult to not always have them by your side. Luckily, there are ways to feel more connected with your best friend. Try out some of these tricks to help soothe your soul (and your pet’s) when you’re feeling the need to reconnect.

Traveling with your pet

1. Bring them with you to a pet-friendly cafe. If you ever feel guilty about leaving them behind to grab a bite with your friends, make it a point to scope out some local restaurants who allow pets on their patios. Bring the pups along so everyone can have a lovely evening together.

2. Opt for a road trip instead of a plane ride. Plane travel is often very stressful for pets, especially larger dogs who can’t fit in a “carry on” sized carrier. For your next vacation, plan something that is only a driving distance away so your buddy can come along for the ride.

Being away from your pet

3. Stay in touch via remote camera. Technology is great, isn’t it? Now, instead of wondering what Fido is up to while you’re at work, you can check in on him using your smartphone. There are even devices that allow you to interact with your pup remotely! You’ll never be far away with these incredible apps.

4. Rotate photos of your pet in your workspace. We all have a tendency to get used to our surroundings if we spend enough time in them. Our work cubicles are no different. Change things up by updating the photos you keep of your furry friend and it will be like she’s right there with you at your desk.

5. Consider visiting them on your lunch break. If you live close enough to stop by for lunch and a quick walk around the block, your pet will be eternally grateful for the extra quality time.

Staying connected after losing a fur baby

6. Transform their ashes into a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. You can literally keep your best friend close to your heart. Jewelry artists have created ways to keep small amounts of ashes in beautiful lockets—or even transform them into gemstones.

7. Celebrate special days every year. Were your companion’s birthdays always a festive affair? Perhaps the day you adopted them? Whatever the date, keep tradition going and celebrate their time with you by doing something special with those you love. Take photos or write a meaningful journal entry about the day to keep with you forever.

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