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The catalogue is packed with great ideas that address the trends of living worldwide, such as limited space and supports the lifestyles of active travellers and urban residents who move around often while adhering to sustainable green living principles. About 100 items are offered at lower prices than last year.

The catalogue is the main Ikea marketing communications tool and is anxiously waited for by its fans and home lovers around the world. This year, Ikea Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia held launch events on the theme “The Unforgettable Catalogue” with a demonstration by memory grandmaster Yanjaa Wintersoul, who has the ability to remember every single detail in the whole catalogue.

“The main idea of the Ikea catalogue this year is to ‘Make room for life,’ allowing everyone to easily make their dream home come true, with a space for your family, for parties with friends, a functional corner for work or just a tranquil area to have some rest. These ideas represent out commitment to offering better living solutions at home for everyone, using quality items that best fit to customers’ needs at affordable prices.

“For Ikea Thailand, we have renovated the front showroom to fit with the new catalogue representing four themes throughout the year; make room for life, make room for celebration, make room for play, and make room for nature, including a special area with a limited collection. The front showroom emphasises the living room as the main area where family members can spend some quality time together. It’s also multi-functional and best reflects the owner’s identity,” said Ikea Bangna’s store manager Benjawon Omark.

“As a long-time fan of Ikea, I wait for the new catalogue every year. I have gained many great inspirations from Ikea and this year, I was challenged by Ikea to see if I would be capable of remembering everything in the new catalogue,” said Wintersoul, the 23-year old award-winning memory champ.

“I am very excited and started planning my thinking process by changing the images I see and the details of the stories then began to memorise them all. I call this process ‘Mind Palace’ and it takes about a week to learn everything by heart,” she said,

A massive 1.3 million issues of the catalogue will be delivered to customers in Bangkok, Samut Prakarn and Phuket. Customers can also collect the catalogue at Ikea Bangna or Ikea Phuket or view a digital version at or download the Ikea Catalogue app.

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