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While she’s not suggesting the city officially endorse the idea of banning the use of plastic bags, Marathon City Councilwoman Michelle Coldiron wants people to use them less.

Coldiron told the Keynoter she added a discussion item to this Tuesday’s council meeting agenda challenging Marathon residents to give up plastic bags for a year.

She said she was inspired by Marathon yoga instructor Amanda Minton, who had shared on Facebook what’s called the Better Bag Challenge and involves giving up single-use plastic bags.

The Better Bag Challenge was created by The Ocean Project, an organization that promotes lessening the use of the bags that often escape from garbage cans or are tossed as litter. In coastal communities like the Florida Keys, they can land in the ocean and harm sea creatures.

A state law enacted in 2008 prohibits local regulation of plastic bags and there have been attempts to modify the regulation ban that did not make headway, including bills introduced for the 2017 session of the Florida Legislature.

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