Greener BeeGreen LivingEntrepreneur: Katie Green
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POSITION Owner and practitioner

COMPANY Green Living Holistic Health Therapy

WHAT THEY DO A whole body approach to rehabilitation and restoration

ADDRESS 8280 YMCA Plaza Drive, Building 8, Suite B

NEXT GOALS Continued growth and increasing awareness about holistic health


Katie Green isn’t shy about telling you her business is often a last resort for some of her patients. As the owner of Green Living Holistic Health Therapy, Green is one of just a handful of health practitioners in the city that offer a holistic, or whole body, approach to wellness. As a collegiate track and cross country athlete at LSU, Green was plagued by frequent injuries causing her to spend more time in doctors’ offices than on the track. “Somehow, I could never seem to get better,” Green says. So she went in search of what might be missing from her treatments. At long last, she found relief in holistic therapy. “Ninety percent of the patients who walk through my door are desperate,” Green says. “That’s fine with me. They’ve tried every other traditional approach, and I can relate to that.” Today, she treats a wide range of patients with different needs, although the bulk of her clients are athletes.


For those who suffer from muscle or joint pain, Green’s approach to treatment goes a step further than a traditional chiropractor or physical therapist. She specializes in rehabilitation and restorative healing using corrective exercises, postural alignment, nutrition education, sports specific aid and holistic lifestyle guidance. “So my job is to evaluate you structurally, nutritionally and physically from head to toe,” explains Green, a board certified holistic health care practitioner and neuromuscular therapist. The goal is to figure out why a certain joint or muscle is hurting before treating it. “It is my belief that you have to have both the nutritional and physical repair components to fully heal,” she says. That’s why she puts special emphasis on her patients’ nutrition, and says the key to the success of her holistic approach with patients is communication. “I encourage constant communication with my patients,” she says, “because establishing that relationship is the only way the patient is fully allowed to heal.”


Green began practicing in 2009, building up her business in a shared space until she had enough clients to open her own clinic in 2014. The biggest challenge in those early days was establishing a name for herself with a treatment that seemed foreign to most. She began writing blogs and articles on social media to make her field more relatable. “I think that’s how I’ve gotten my name out there,” she says. “Social media and my writing.” Before becoming an entrepreneur, Green wanted to be a writer and she continues to blend the two passions together at Green Living. As a self-described perfectionist who calls herself “obscenely competitive,” Green credits these traits with helping her build a successful business that she has nurtured and cared for like it was a baby. Now a new mom with a 7-month-old, she’s adapting to a new pace and routine—one that no longer allows her to bring work home in the evenings.


Though health care can often seem complex and overwhelming, Green attempts to show her patients that it can be simple. After being in and out of so many different therapy arenas, she sought to make her practice a sort of missing link for those who have tired of traditional options. In contrast to big, cold health facilities, she has designed her space to feel comfortable and homey. Green finds the environment immediately puts patients at ease, allowing her to quickly develop a relationship with them. More recently, Green has noticed she is sometimes a patient’s first stop as they explore treatment options, mostly due to word of mouth. “That tells me people are searching for something other than medication,” she says. As for future growth, Green enjoys the local, personal feel of her clinic and plans to keep it that way to provide the best treatment possible. “Going behind the scenes in an attempt to truly understand how the human body works and applying that to our health holds great potential to change people’s lives,” she says.

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