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ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (NEWSPLEX) — Fifth Street Station may be best known locally as the future home of Wegmans grocery store (opening Nov. 6), but lesser known are the shopping center’s green design features aimed at protecting Moore’s Creek and making the center accessible by various forms of alternate transportation.

A green “living” wall is built behind stores including Dick’s Sporting Goods, Field and Stream, and Haverty’s furniture store. The retaining wall is covered with vegetation that will provide habitat for wildlife.

Because Interstate 64 runs immediately adjacent to the site, a stormwater management system includes a man-made pond that will be planted with aquatic vegetation to help filter and clean the highway runoff.

In addition, the stormwater management system collects rainwater from store roofs, sends it to underground cisterns, and uses it to irrigate landscaping around the shopping center.

“We wanted to build the project to a LEED-certifiable level, and that’s what we’ve done here,” said Dan Tucker of Georgia-based S.J. Collins Enterprises, the development firm behind Fifth Street Station and the Whole Foods development on Hydraulic Road. ” We believe it’s something that the community wanted, and that’s what we wanted to provide.”

A new city bus route stops at Fifth Street Station, the Fifth Street Station Parkway offers wide sidewalks and bike lanes, and the shopping center is also building access to already existing trails in the area.

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