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Flying Scarfs, a veteran owned non-profit enterprise, seeks to reshape the manner in which Americans think about social change with launch of “Every Scarf Has A Story,” a campaign dedicated to the empowerment of artisans not just in Afghanistan but all over the world through fashion. Ranging from $19 – $39, the Flying Scarfs collection offers 12 styles of scarves,  partially handcrafted in Afghanistan and by a group led by a military spouse in the United States. All proceeds from sales go directly to the artisans and the development of community education programs. 

“Our mission is to create clothing that men and women can love and feel good about wearing,” said Joseph Stenger, founder of Flying Scarfs. “Through our brand, we’re able to empower hundreds of female artisans in underdeveloped countries by showcasing their handcrafted scarves to the world.” 

Created by four military officers during their tour of Afghanistan , Flying Scarfs originally started in 2011 as a way to provide employment for Afghan widows. Today, they’ve re-launched their brand to promote microeconomic development  for women globally, as well as the development of education programs.

“We believe that equality, education, and economic opportunity can overcome extremism,” said Stenger. “Currently only 28 percent of Afghans can read and write. By working with our partners, our hope is that  we will foster peace, justice, and equality in the communities in which our team works.”

Currently, the Flying Scarfs team is constructing a community school in the Afghan community. The new school is intended to help keep youth of the streets, where they are more likely to be indoctrinated by extremist views. The hope is with profits from sales,  the new space will be used for IT, English and reading classes for women and their families for many years to come.

“There is more to the construction of these scarves–there’s a story,” said Stenger. “When a customer purchases our scarves they can feel good about joining a highly committed team of United States veterans who are dedicated to changing the lives for women in Afghanistan and around the globe by helping them stand for the freedoms everyone deserves.”

The Flying Scarf collection is currently available via their web store. For more information or to purchase a scarf, visit


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