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With the Oklahoma game pretty much occupying the interest of every Ohio State fan that exists, it is hard to forget that at the university itself, there are students participating in rigorous academic courses and activities.

One such academic society is that of the Ohio State University Green Engineering Scholars (GES), a group of students selected from a pool of applicants on the admissions front.

“GES is a learning community that focuses on applying green living techniques to various engineering disciplines,” said freshman Jay Fields, a biomedical engineering major.

Fields, like all scholar students at Ohio State, selected his specific learning community. He and the rest of his floor in Drackett Tower are all members of GES.

“If you are accepted into the scholars program, you then get to pick which specific group you go into. I picked GES because I am interested in learning about how my lifestyle affects the global environment,” Fields said. 

Thus far, GES has participated in many activities, including volunteering to clean up sections of the Olentangy River.

GES also participates in a civil service initiative called the Toy Adaption Program (TAP), which helps out children with special needs. 

“Some children with special needs don’t have the ability to activate switches on toys. The TAP program uses reverse engineering and knowledge of circuits to take apart toys and install different switch types so that kids with special needs can use them,” said Fields.

Switching gears now (no engineering pun intended), for this weekend’s football clash against Oklahoma, Fields feels as though Ohio State will do just fine.

“I’ve got the Bucks by 70,” he said only half-joking. “In all seriousness, I think they’ll win pretty comfortably. This is my first ever game I will be watching in person, so I’m pretty excited. I know they had some woes last week, but I feel confident that the coaching staff will be able to remedy them.” 

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