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One of the key factors that mobile, professional types often cite in deciding where to live is the amount of publicly available green space that’s in a given area. What is the status of the local parks system? What amenities can be found and where? How about trails, non-motorized and otherwise? At what level has the municipality committed to its green space?

Older folks who are seeking locations to retire often ask many of the same questions.

The city of Marquette got that message loud and clear many years ago, certainly back to the 1980s and earlier, when it started developing the parks it already had while setting aside new lands for similar use. The launching of the Mattson Lower Harbor Park is chief among several highlights one can cite.

Now, the city is continuing with that tradition by upgrading and renovating bathhouses at Tourist Park. The work, according to the city commission, is an expansion of a project that originally added two unisex pods to the existing facilities.

“I think it’s (going to) be good for the city all around,” city Commissioner Mike Plourde said said for a Mining Journal story on the issue. We’d agree.

Commissioners recently approved the $64,000 renovation project, to be paid for out of the Tourist Park Campground Fund reserve. A 10 percent reserve is included.

As these things go, this is a modestly sized project in a little corner of the city that not huge numbers of people can be expected to frequent. That said, it underscores the city’s long-term commitment to parks and green space and as such, a positive development.

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