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All major global organisations that deal with the environment preservation keep warning us that we’re doing irreparable damage to our planet. From the United Nations to Greenpeace, to the WWF, we can hear outcries for raising awareness on the importance of eco-friendly living habits. However, it seems that ordinary citizens and business players ignore those calls in equal measure. Because of that, the pro-ecology noise should be louder. This is the reason why we’re bringing this concise guide on frugal green living.

Everyday actions for eco living

If you’ve ever asked yourself how your little contributions will change the bleak global image, here are a few points that will show you why your actions are important. Firstly, you should know that about 660 million people in the world don’t have access to a protected source of drinking water. We can only assume how many people drink water of questionable quality. So, if you have drinking water, don’t take it for granted, but equip your kitchen with a water purifier and reduce the use of bottled water.

Secondly, we still use a lot of energy from non-renewable sources. This leads to a high carbon footprint per household. Therefore, get energy from providers that invest in renewable sources.

Finally, avoid using your car whenever possible and either walk or ride a bike. You’ll save some money, improve your health and, most importantly, you won’t pollute the air.

The benefits of green saving

While developing ecological habits enhances the environment preservation, they can also lead to significant savings in your monthly budget. Apart from the aforementioned everyday actions, you should make some larger investments in your life and your home. First of all, replace all the incandescent light bulbs with LED ones. Although the latter might be a bit pricy at the beginning, this investment will pay off in a few months’ time. If you’re still of two minds, check out this comparison chart published on the Simple Dollar website.

Apart from that, insulate your home with recycled and reused materials. By opting for existing materials, you won’t cause any carbon footprint that buying new, non-eco materials would generate. Also, having proper insulation will reduce your energy consumption, which is another valuable benefit.

Outdoor home eco activities

In addition to that house itself, you should also make an effort to perform all your outdoor activities in accordance with ecological rules. For starters, don’t even think about treating your backyard plants, shrubs and trees with chemicals and pesticides. Groundwater is permeated with these harmful substances, which causes terrible damage to the soil, the crops and our health. What you should do is learn more about natural remedies for pests and other organisms that can harm your greenery.

Furthermore, do your best to use natural materials for your outdoor works. Instead of packing your yard(s) with ecologically harmful and esthetically unattractive concrete paths, try using root-protective grass pavers. They will keep your lawn in perfect condition.

Another important consideration is plant protection. Anticipation and prevention are crucial in this case. So, house owners should mulch their trees in winter and use natural fertilisers to improve the quality of soil in their gardens and yards.

Planned set of activities

Speed is not an eco-friendly feature, meaning that hasty decisions and fast solutions usually don’t improve the condition of the environment. Therefore, if you want to become an ecological trend-follower or even a trendsetter, your acts have to be thoroughly planned. Just like in many other situations, money is often an issue here. It’s easier to buy a package of bottled water or get a weed-killing chemical than to search for the right water purifier or prepare a home solution for weed. Therefore, if you really want to embrace the current trends of green living, you should expose yourself to educative materials.

We need to change dramatically if we want to save this planet for our generation, let alone the future ones. If you ever find it hard to force yourself to stay consistent in your ecological efforts, just take a look at the images of Earth taken from space. There’s hardly anything more beautiful than this planet in the whole universe, so let’s work around the clock to make it as green and blue as it once was.

Have you gone green?  What advice would you have for others thinking of making the change?

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