Greener BeeGreen LivingIt’s easy being green: Living Green Festival spruiks vegan wares

The simplest way to eliminate your carbon footprint is your knife and fork.

So says Jess Ferry, organiser of Canberra’s seventh Living Green Festival, a vegan festival being held at Albert Hall on Sunday.

The free festival will be spruiking vegan takes on cheeseburgers, sweets and chicken and waffles, whilst also hosting stalls selling environmentally friendly products.

“We like to blow the idea out of the water of what vegan means,” Ms Ferry said.

“There’s plenty of vegan options around Canberra now. I do think that it is changing. It’s becoming easier.”

“Canberrans care about the environment. We knew there was definitely a space for this festival.”

There will be over 80 stalls at the market, with some selling belts and satchels made of recycled materials, or reusable food wraps made of beeswax.

The festival goers will be treated to live music and various panels on living green, including a panel on reducing plastic waste around the house.

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“I think our festival has that broad appeal. We make it that really comfortable space,” Ms Ferry said.

There’s even a dog cafe with vegan treats for dogs and humans and an eight metre rock climbing wall that’s free to use.

Ms Ferry said they aimed to make it fun whilst also allowing people to look at “the issue of eating animals”.

Whilst not only reducing cruelty to animals, Ms Ferry said going vegan could help curb carbon emissions pointing to the carbon footprint of livestock produced for consumption.

“The most simplest way is just to start having a look online and start educating yourself on what happens to the planet through eating animals,” Ms Ferry said.

The Living Green Festival kicks off on Sunday from 10am to 4pm at Albert Hall in Yarralumla.

You can visit the festival’s official website at

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