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As Shailene shared how one minute she was peacefully capturing the event on Facebook Live and the next was hauled off to jail, I was filled with hope as I am often these days listening to Millennials. Her voice is another of this generation who share the same passion I have always had to ensure the future of the planet for the generations to come. More importantly, she was doing something about it.

The second speech that profoundly resonated with me, was when John Streur, the President and CEO of Calvert Investments, and Vicki Benjamin, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, took the stage to talk about the UN PRI and Calvert’s mission to be the global leader in responsible investing, with the idea of balancing shareholder’s needs with that of society and the environment. As he stated, it’s not enough to avoid those companies creating problems but to seek and invest in those leading us forward, socially and environmentally. That’s what I call living with a green heart and greening your financial portfolio at the same time.

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