Greener BeeGreen LivingNo wind farm for Ocean City means I won’t be vacationing there

Summer has ended, and so have our family trips to Ocean City.

I was deeply disappointed when the local government partnered with Rep. Andy Harris to effectively kill an offshore wind farm by making it unaffordable to the developer. The Sun reported that this project would have provided an estimated 1,500 permanent jobs and delivered clean, inexpensive, renewable power to nearly half a million O.C. sites (“Proposed wind farm runs into opposition in Ocean City, Congress,” July 21). I have no idea what Dr. Harris’ objection was, but the town’s purported reason for extending the site location to 24 nautical miles was to preserve the aesthetic of the oceanfront. Seriously? What is visible from the beach at that distance? And are gracefully twirling turbine wings more or less pleasing to the tourist’s eye than a barge or tanker at sea, or a floating neon advertisement for hot wings?

Ocean City is a wonderful place. But it requires much money and attention to maintain an ever-eroding shoreline. One would think that the environment would be a civic priority, yet there are not even recycling collection sites for visitors to use. The town needs to accept some responsibility for the sake of taxpayers and the planet. And until Ocean City demonstrates forward thinking, my family and I will be staying at a location that practices sustainability and green living.

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