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FREMONT – Day two of John C. Fremont Days was even busier than day one. The crowds grew larger, along with the number of events and also the amount of smiles on people’s faces.

Cruisers on Main Street, the car and bike show, was held downtown from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The heat didn’t seem to keep anyone away, considering a large number showed up to see the hundreds of cars and bikes.

From 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. many kids were having a blast at Midland University with the games, firetruck rides, face painting and they even had the opportunity to paint their own picture, thanks to Gallery 92 West.

Clemmons Park has been hosting some visitors ever since Wednesday night, and not just any ordinary visitors, but visitors that will give you a blast from the past.

Bill Green, living history coordinator, said the main reason he loves participating in historical encampments is because he wants to educate the people about what has been lost, and also about how important community is.

“We are trying to teach the public what it was about in history. It was not peaches and cream. This is the way that it was. It was a lot harder, but the people out here are just like one large family. If it was not for these people, we would not be here,” said Green.

Some of the things that the historical encampments included were: buckskinner and trader camps, 1800’s era working blacksmiths, bowmaker, WWII Camp, medieval and renaissance society encampment and so much more.

Those who visited Clemmons Park had the opportunity to watch a civil war artillery demo, which left your ears ringing and your body shaking, also cowboy action shooters and what seemed to be a crowd favorite, a renaissance battle with real suits, real weapons and sometimes real injuries.

Adam Vordermark is the captain for his club team, The Order of Wrath, which is who put on this battle. During the battle, Adam was wearing an armor suit from the French, German and Italian 1400 to 1450 era, weighing about 60 to 65 pounds.

Even though they are wearing armor suits, there are gaps in which people have the ability to hit. Vordermark said that injuries do happen, but when asked if he ever worries about that, the response he gave was a smile and shrug of the shoulders.

“We train twice a week to do this. We do it as a sport and there’s competitions all over the U.S. We hold tournaments where we live in Omaha all the time. Basically, we’re just trying to grow the sport, get more people in and have more fighters out there,” said Vordermark.

According to Vordermark, the sport of renaissance battles is a lot more popular and violent overseas, but there are about 1,000 fighters in the United States.

The weekend has come and it’s almost gone! The John C. Fremont Days parade will be tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 p.m., but don’t forget, there will be pre-parade entertainment by Omaha Street Percussion and Kokyo Japanese Drummers.

NOTE: These weren’t the only events that occurred on Saturday, July 15.

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