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Working on today’s Shades of Green I asked my Facebook friends what do you give thanks for environmentally in our community? What good things are happening that help out the air, water, land, food of where you live? Within minutes I received accolades for our city.

Linda Albrecht Christophel said, “The city encouraging planting street-side trees.”

Darin Short said, “Thankful for walkability and bike-ability, but I also hope each gets better.”

Jodi Miller, teacher at Model Elementary School said, “I’m thankful for the efforts of Kent Dutchersmith, who spearheaded recycling bags in every classroom at Model, along with huge bins in which to empty them.”

Nancy Brown, who worked at Elkhart County Soil and Water Conservation District, said, “Trees! Green spaces! Allow nature to thrive and sequester carbon! All the wonderful people who share a passion to walk a little lighter on this planet! And people like the Indiana Master Naturalists who take the time to learn more and make environmentally conscious decisions.”

Sam Miller wrote, “I’m thankful for community supported agriculture options in our area.”

Krista Daniels, naturalist for Elkhart County Parks, said, “I’m thankful for a passionate and active Tree Board and city forester in Goshen. Also, for an open and encouraging mayor!”

Phil Mason said, “Goshen’s commitment to parks and green spaces. The investment in Fiddler’s Pond is paying off. Working to improve biking infrastructure.”

Ava Breniser, real estate agent, said, “I give thanks for our local food movement, farm to table, farmers markets and community gardens. I give thanks to people teaching the younger generation how to grow food and preserve food for winter. A lost art must be passed down to our children.”

Carrie Lee Bland Kendall, entertainment promoter, said, “I am thankful for being able to feed my family good food that’s local and organically grown. Thankful for all the farmers, the farmer’s market and Maple City Market. I am grateful for different green-living things that are happening in our community — green drinks, Shades of Green, Transition Goshen, a mayor who supports green initiatives, community gardens, my garden, my church acknowledges climate change and discusses it, some of the newer, more enviro-friendly roads downtown, the local parks and trails, I could go on.. Thankful for you my dear friend, for always being the voice for all things green and environmental in our fair town.”

Dick Lehman, potter extraordinaire, wrote, “I’m grateful that I can harvest wild green fruits, mushrooms and game from our property…. a little bit of glorious loveliness so close to town.”

Melissa Kinsey, alumni and career networks coordinator at Goshen College gave me a great closer for today’s column. She wrote, “I am thankful to live in a community with people who realize our earth is an amazing place and we have the opportunity and responsibility to protect and maintain our natural resources.”

Paul D Steury has a master of science degree in outdoor resources management with an emphasis in environmental education.

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