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LIFE is amazing for the residents of Taman Bukit Rasah, Seremban. We are endowed with two pockets of green lungs extending from the Rahang monsoon drain uphill towards where the general hospital is located.

We are acquainted with four species of wildlife in these green lungs and we consider them a gift from nature. Sightings of these creatures have caused pride and excitement among us.

Seremban folk know about these creatures that have lent prominence to Taman Bukit Rasah.

The presence of ayam hutan (junglefowl), wak wak (waterfowl), monkeys and wild boar has added a notable feature to our green lungs. The call of numerous birds in the morning seems to wish residents a good day. We also hear the boastful crowing of the colourful junglefowl.

The monkeys can be heard chattering from their positions higher up the trees. We know monkeys can be a nuisance to our fruit trees and open kitchens but we do not mind their presence.

The most important of all the wildlife in our green lungs is a group of lovable semi-domesticated wild boars and their striped piglets. They are the main actors in our park where we often see them foraging for food. They have seen us so often that they are no longer afraid of us. We can walk by them without fear.

Drivers move slowly alongside while passengers excitedly take pictures of them. They continue to feed, unperturbed.

Their gentle grunts while feeding seem to signal friendship, an awesome feature between people and animals. Such closeness between humans and wildlife is certainly unique and seldom experienced elsewhere. The residents are very attached to them now and would certainly be dismayed if anything bad happened to them.

It is our hope that Perhilitan or some wildlife organisation can protect them. This herd of wild pigs could be captured and sent to either Zoo Negara, Zoo Melaka, Zoo Taiping or a theme park where their safety could be guaranteed.

Saving them is loving them, an excellent feature of a good relationship with nature.



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