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Cape Town – South Africa is amplifying the ethics of green living like never before…

On Thursday, 28 July, the Living Planet Green Conference was live-streamed from Sandton in Johannesburg where the World Wildlife Fund aimed at bringing together business, politics, science, religion and the arts to define a vision for a better future.  

WWF South Africa has spearheaded a street poster campaign titled “Why South Africa’s future is brighter than you think: A case for optimism.” 

“South Africa is a place of extraordinary natural abundance,” the WWF said. But the beautiful landscapes also deliver an impressive variety of high quality agricultural and mineral products and provide us with the water that underpins our economy and the well-being of all South Africans.

For the ‘natural abundance’ in SA to be sustainably utilised, the following key factors were highlighted at #LPC2016:

1. The youth of South Africa should lead the way in efforts that contribute to green-living

2. South Africa needs to utilise our natural resources in such a way that it has sufficient time to replenish

3. The impacts of global warming should not be filtered

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The SA-based conference fits well with SA’s efforts to green-up. SA has made no secret about their choice of transitioning economical practices and their tourism sector to a more eco-friendly sphere.

The climate issue of Global warming continue to grace headlines in the country since it first became a reality to South Africans when drought began to consume five of the country’s nine provinces, as it is still a major concern going forward. However, SA acknowledges this consumer-driven behaviour that causes environmental challenges. Evidently, SA has made great effort in combating these challenges by implementing various green-related initiatives

Moreover, the private sector of SA is digging in too by investing into the green economy of the country. 

The ‘green economy’ is the economy of a country that aims to reducing environmental risks, ecological scarcities and sustainable development without degrading the environment.

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This year, the ‘#LPC2016’ was the official hashtag for the Living Planet Green Conference.

The conference aimed to inspire South Africans to look at the ways in which the country is collectively making great progress towards a sustainable future, and to consider what other initiatives can run.

Greening the tourism sector in SA is one of the primary ongoing initiatives in the country, aimed at improving the country for locals as well as tourists.  

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