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The other week I visited my parents and, for the first time, marvelled at their shed. I’ve seen rooms for rent that are smaller; it houses a chest of drawers full of gardening gloves and neatly stacked, artfully aged terracotta pots on shelves. It’s not a far cry from the shabby chic garden design shops that are popping up all over Hackney.

So it was a surprise for me to learn that millennials (of which I, at 28, am one) have been found to spend more money on their gardens than the over-55s. We apparently spend an average £215.92 – the price of a festival ticket -each year, while our parents shell out a mere £193.27.

Being a millennial in London means that I feel enormously fortunate to have a balcony, let alone a garden. And as for spending £215.92 on it? I’ve always maintained that gardening can be done well, cheaply. Here are some of the best ways to save money this spring – no matter how old you are.

Hunt for bargains

Look for the deals. I’m a big fan of the impromptu plant purchase but it swiftly adds up. Instead, treat garden shopping as you would groceries or holiday planning – plan ahead, make a list and search for the best deals.

Easter weekend is traditionally a buying bonanza and retailers such as Tesco and Wyevale have deals on garden furniture at the moment, while plant suppliers usually list offers on their website. For example, Sarah Raven has 20 per cent off a large variety of container plants, while Mr Fothergills has offers on seeds, wildflowers and fruit.

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