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Inspired by nature, green is the trending colour for 2017. To help your vendors stay on point this year, Vault Interiors director Justine Stedman provides us with her top 10 tips for getting green into the home.

1. Paint the front door

Make a statement and change the colour of the front door to bright green.

“Yellow, black and red doors have been popular the last few years but green is very 2017,” Ms Stedman says.

2. Cushions and throws

The simplest and cheapest way to add colour pops is with accent cushions and throws that can always be swapped out with the seasons.

“Play it safe by layering tonal greens in different depths of the same green colour and you can maximise visual impact by layering textures like velvet and wool.”

3. Kitchen utensils

Because it’s so taste specific, installing a bright-coloured glass splash back can be risky. Instead, inject green pops through small counter appliances and accessories.

4. Green walls

Green walls can be used both inside and outside.

“Outdoor zones can be treated the same as styling indoor spaces, so think of a green wall as a large over scale artwork,” Ms Stedman says.

5. Statement furniture pieces

Re-cover an old chair in a fabric print featuring lush greenery. Palms or fern prints never go out of style because they work for a Hamptons or a modern eclectic look.

6. Artwork

Ms Stedman says inexpensive prints can be purchased online on websites such as eBay and Etsy.

7. Trinkets

Green ceramic vases and green glass candle holders look great and add a pop of colour to any room.

8. Stools

Tolix stools come in a variety of colours including lime green, deep green and dark green. Alternatively, even an old stool works with a bit of DIY.

“Older timber stools you can easily spray paint in a gloss green finish for a dramatic pop,” Ms Stedman says.

9. Light fittings

Vintage industrial pendant light fittings traditionally come in lime green and they are fabulous hung as a statement piece above a dining table or kitchen island.

“Green glass light pendants also look moody and elegant,” Ms Stedman says.

10. Potted planters

Ms Stedman recommends grouping different sized pots on the deck or courtyard.

“Mix different height pots, with different patterns on the pots or mix green and white for a fresh look so there is a visually consistent element.”

Written by Hannah Blackiston

Last Updated: 31 January 2017

Published: 31 January 2017

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