Greener BeeGreen Tips10 vastu tips for a peaceful, prosperous home this festive season

Only your hard work and efforts can bring peace and money, but the aura of the place where you live and work matters a lot. From Chinese Feng Shui to Hindu Vastu Shashtra, different cultures have different names for keeping houses clean and fresh.

Vaastu expert and astrologer Jai Madaan suggests a few tips that do not involve any major overhaul of the house: for a peaceful and prosperous living home.

If you believe in vastu shastra — the study of traditional Hindu architecture — follow these as tips. If not, there is not harm bringing a little novelty to your sweet home. It is festival season and renewed furnishing will simply make your home ready for guests!

1. At the entrance of your home, place a statue or a picture of Ganesha if you have an empty wall. Empty walls represent loneliness.

2. Place a painting of a scenery with long road in the northeast direction for good vision and planning.

3. Place a family photograph in the southwest direction in yellow or golden frame for healthy family relations.

4. Place a water fountain in the northeast direction of your house for harmony.

5. Placing pyramids at the centre of the house is an effective and pocket friendly way of curbing all the vastu defects of a house or a building.

6. Place green plants in the east direction for healthy relations.

7. Placing red galloping horses southward can provide steady flow of money and bring harmony.

8. Keep a single mattress on bed for healthy marital relation.

9. Place natural green plants or candles in the bathroom to remove negativity and bring brightness.

10. Paint your bedroom with light colours such as light blue, soft green or rose-pink and keep it clean and clutter free so that it create soothing ambiance and balance the energies in right manner.

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