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3 Tips for Being a More Green Actor

I am seeing some interesting actor trends lately. Trends which should not be #trending on topics many would consider “Acting 101.” One such trend is particularly significant to me as I try to run as green an office as possible. It’s 2014 and global warming is real. We all have to do our parts and that includes forgetful thespians. 

When you are given an audition and sides to prepare, it becomes your sole responsibility to actually prepare for the audition. Nobody can do the work for you. Nobody can memorize the lines for you. Do you know what else we can’t do for you? Print your sides and force you to remember to bring them to your audition. Lest you forget, your audition is your job interview. You should be arriving at your interview/audition with everything you need for success. (Fellow casting director, social media queen, and Backstage contributing editor Marci Liroff, offers some genius words of preparation wisdom.)

I understand your desire to hold your sides even if you have memorized the material. Great. Fine. Hold away. Though don’t you think if you need your sides then you should print and bring them? Why should somebody else do that for you? You can also join the technological age and use your smartphone or tablet as you would a piece of paper. There are definitely pros and cons to this, though, and none of them should be taken lightly.

Tablet pros: no wasting paper, no need to remember to print sides (we all know you’re not likely to forget bringing your phone or iPad!!), no running out of ink, no worrying about stapling sides or dropping them and having them out of order, etc. This all also saves you money! Cha-ching!

Tablet cons: tablet freezes, the app crashes, Siri starts randomly talking in the middle of your audition (Siri is not my friend), directors and producers watching the tapes are not used to this yet and find it distracting, you are reading for a period piece and having a tablet pulls us out of the moment, etc. Regardless, the age of the tablet is here and we all should find a place in our hearts for technology. Very soon, if not tomorrow, we will all be forcedinto incorporating it into our daily work lives. 

Another super cool and smart way to be a more green actor is to limit the number of résumés you print and then don’t use because you book additional roles or notice some horrific spelling error you previously missed. Personally, I’m not a fan of those messy, last minute, handwritten project additions on your otherwise neatly organized résumé. It all goes back to presenting the best possible you at your job interview. Unless you literally just booked another role on the way over to your current audition, you had the time to add it to your résumé and print a new one to staple on your headshot. You don’t need to go to Kinkos and print 100 résumés ahead of time. Make a one-time investment in a good home printer and just print what you need for the day. Literally. The day. 

If you want to be a super green actor, you can print your résumé on the back of your headshot, thereby eliminating the need for any paper résumés at all. You have to get the right type of headshot with the back that allows for ink printing and you need to buy a good printer (and allow the ink to dry before shoving it in your bag), but this is my favorite way of seeing a headshot and résumé. It’s 100 percent pro-environment and it also ensures that, when we put your headshot in a pile or file, your résumé will never get torn off and lost, which happens more often than you’d think. Go ahead. Try it! Be a cool kid!

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