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With the holiday season in full swing, you may find yourself wanting to invite a large green plant to bring you some holiday cheer.

Before you go out to the lot, check out these three tips, from Chad, the owner of Chad’s Christmas Trees in West Sacramento, on how to find the perfect tree for this holiday season.


Once you find some of your favorite trees in the lot, make sure to check the branches.

“If the branches are dry and brittle, they are going to break,” Chad said. “If not, the tree is still fresh.”

If the branches break, you might want to find a different tree to bring home this season.


When grabbing a tree, make sure to look at the color: the greener, the better.

“As long as you buy from local lots, like this, our trees are cut within four days of loading up on the truck and getting down here,” Chad said. “Our trees are always fresh.”


While getting stuck with a diminutive Charlie Brown-type Christmas tree filled with gaping holes is unlikely, keep in mind all trees are going to have some imperfections.

“All the trees are going to grow a little different,” Chad said. “They are all going to be different shapes and sizes.”

Now you just have to go out and find the tree you want to invite into your home.

Found your perfect tree? Check out these three tips on how to keep it alive this holiday season.


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