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If you think you can’t have a garden in your apartment, guess again.

“When you look at basic watering, proper sunlight and plant selection, you can have a nice green space even in a small condo,” Andrew Dedrick of Geobunga.

We visited with Andrew before at his home in Nuuanu and discovered something called ‘container gardening.’

“What we call container gardening, where you’re able to incorporate multiple plants, so often people think one container, one plant and here you see where we’ve mixed a few in,” said Dedrick.

Here are a few examples.

“So we brought a red lia for a filler space,” Dedrick explained. “A varigated resina to come in and give you some color. Closer to you have a palm with some nice fern just to accent off the pot.”

In our visit with Andrew at his home, we found a number of containers that held herbs and vegetables — even this morning, we had rosemary and basil in vessels in the studio. Obviously, handy when you’re cooking. Want to know how to get started?

“We have a workshop this Saturday,” said Dedrick. “It’s a free workshop and it is 9:00 a.m. in town and 2:0 p.m. out at our location in Waimanalo. These are beautiful plants that are from the Waimanalo valley so there’s great nurseries out there. Sharon’s Plants was nice enough to provide these this morning.”

The workshop will turn your ‘brown’ thumb into a green one.

“If you understand the basic watering needs and the light conditions and select your plants based on that, you can have beautiful plants and keep them for a long time,” said Dedrick.

And that’s a goal devoutly to be wished.

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