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Final Fantasy 15 is finally available to buy in the UK after ten years of development. While we’ve given it a big old thumbs up in our Final Fantasy 15 review, we thought we’d impart some knowledge to those new to the world of Lucis on how to get the most out of Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy 15 tips and tricks: Run and jump

Let’s be honest, for a magic-wielding prince, Noctis’ stamina isn’t great and after a few seconds of sprinting, you’ll be left jogging along at a snail’s pace while he builds himself back up. This means that travelling long distances on foot can be laborious, unless you jump. If you jump when sprinting, you’ll regenerate some stamina mid-flight while keeping the same momentum. While it isn’t the most glamorous way to travel across Lucis, it’s definitely an option.

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