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A local environmental group wants business owners to look at their Hydro bills with a critical eye — then take control.

Green Economy North is holding a workshop Monday to help local entrepreneurs decipher their energy costs and eventually lower them. The environmental group is teaming up with Greater Sudbury Hydro, the Sudbury Chamber of Commerce and Hydro One for the session.

Richard Eberhardt, Green Economy North’s program manager, says they’re focusing on lowering business’s energy costs because their bills are a bit more complicated.

“For most residential owners, the bill is very clear,” Eberhardt says.

“The usage that you’ve consumed over the course of the month is reflected in the bill. But businesses have some more complex aspects to their bills. So they have to focus on what they can actually have control.”

Energy cost changes creates confusion

Eberhardt says controlling usage can mean anything from switching to energy efficient light bulbs to retrofitting a business for different heating and air conditioning systems. That can all get pricey, so the workshop also offers options for financial incentives. 

With changes to Hydro costs and the government implementing a cap-and-trade system, Eberhardt says it’s important to really know what you’re paying for as a business owner. 

“These are adding costs to a business that’s going to make it even more difficult for businesses owners in northern Ontario to keep a strong bottom line, keep jobs and keep producing here,” Eberhardt says.

“The more opportunities there are to learn about ways of saving, the more often a business will choose to find ways to use less.”

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