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At a young age, Greenwood High School student Kasey Green used to watch her uncle perform in the GHS band.

Green’s uncle, James Turman, was a percussionist. She looked up to him and because of him became inspired to join band in the sixth grade.

“Since my uncle was a percussionist, I wanted to be one as well, but I ended up getting the clarinet instead,” Green said.

The sophomore said she thinks playing the woodwind clarinet is easier than playing other instruments and that she probably won’t ever change instruments.

“At first, it was difficult to play, but I think for everyone it was like that,” Green said. “As you get older and learn more tricks and tips to playing your instrument, it gets easier as you go.”

Green participates in the many band performances throughout the school year, from marching competitions and football game halftime performances in the fall to concerts and parades in the spring.

She said she loves marching, especially the competitions.

“When you go to competitions and hear the audience cheering you on, it’s a really surreal feeling,” Green said.

Green said that she also enjoys the band’s halftime shows. While she loved last year’s theme, she loves this season’s show (Once Upon A Blue Moon) even more.

“I’ve always enjoyed space-related things,” Green said. “The idea of paying tribute to the moon landing is so cool to me.”

Her favorite song from the halftime shows was from last year’s show “Bohemian Rhapsody in Blue”, but she said it was also one of the hardest songs she’s had to play since it was considerably different from what the band had performed in previous shows.

Green cherishes the many opportunities and friendships she’s had through band.

“If it wasn’t for participating in band, I wouldn’t have experienced as many things as I have, and I wouldn’t have made as many good friends,” she said.

“I’m really grateful to be a part of the program.”

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