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After generations, parents are still trying to crack the age-old
question: How do we get our families to eat their veggies? Green Giant
announced today the launch of its “One Giant Pledge” campaign, calling
parents to engage their families to take an oath with the Jolly Green
Giant as they pledge to simply eat one more vegetable every day,
bringing fun and motivation to the kitchen table.

A fully integrated campaign, One Giant Pledge kicks off on the Green
Giant Facebook page, with support from a TV commercial airing this week.
It will culminate with an augmented reality event spectacular in New
York City where participants can take One Giant Pledge with a
larger-than-life, interactive Green Giant. Alison Sweeney, actress,
author, host of “The Biggest Loser” and a mom of two, along with
nutritionist Melissa Halas-Liang, will be there to kick off the pledging
and talk with other moms about raising kids to make healthy food choices.

“Eating vegetables is so important to a child’s healthy growth,
prevention of chronic diseases and weight management1, and an
alarming 92% of children don’t eat the recommended amount of vegetables2,”
said Halas-Liang, MA/RD/CDE and Founder of SuperKids
Nutrition, Inc
. “As a parent myself, I know what a daily struggle it
is to get my daughter to eat her vegetables—but you can get kids to eat
more by making veggies fun and engaging, so it’s fantastic that Green
Giant is addressing this issue and providing a friendly, motivating role
model to get kids excited about healthy eating habits.”

“The inspiration behind One Giant Pledge is Green Giant’s goal of making
eating vegetables fun for kids and families,” said Yumi Clevenger-Lee,
marketing manager for General Mills. “It’s a tough reality that kids
aren’t eating nearly enough vegetables, so who better to help spark a
change than someone kids look up to, like the Green Giant? As a mom of
three young kids, I want to help my kids learn that eating healthy is
tasty and fun–the days are over of thinking healthy choices have to come
with trade-offs.”

How It Works
Parents can visit the Green Giant Facebook page
at []
to help their families pledge to eat more vegetables, because by doing
so they are more equipped to be the best they can be. Each participating
family member determines what their aspirational best is—such as an
astronaut or teacher—and parents can upload a picture to generate a
customized pledge interaction with the Green Giant. The fun “Proof of
Pledge” photo can be used for sharing online or printing for the
refrigerator as a daily reminder.

Tools for Parents
In addition to the “Proof of Pledge,” a
printable, a 30-day pledge calendar that makes tracking progress easy
and fun, the program offers continued encouragement. Aspirational
pledges will be randomly selected to be turned into veggie art featured
on the Green Giant Facebook page. The first 10,000 children who pledge
will receive a One Giant Pledge wristband as a reward and motivational
reminder of their pledge. Parents can also opt in to receive
personalized text messages of encouragement for their kids from the
Green Giant and can download a “Ho, Ho, Ho!” Green Giant ringtone.

Augmented Reality Event in NYC
On October 2, at Grand
Central Terminal in New York City, parents and kids are invited to take
One Giant Pledge live, at a larger-than-life event that allows kids to
interact with an augmented reality Green Giant. Enlisting the help of
celebrity mom Alison Sweeney, who knows all about the struggle of
getting kids to eat veggies, Green Giant is working to get both parents
and kids excited to be their very best. Child nutritionist Melissa
Halas-Liang will be there to provide healthy eating tips, recipes and
more. Entertainment such as veggie jugglers and stilt walkers will
create a festive atmosphere for kids to enjoy as they take One Giant

to take One Giant Pledge, interact with other families vowing to make
healthy changes, and receive tips and recipes on healthy eating.

About Green Giant
Green Giant started out in Le Sueur,
Minnesota, as the Minnesota Valley Canning Company in 1903, when some
11,750 cases of white cream-style corn were sold in the company’s first
year. For the past 100 years, the Giant’s Valley is where fresh and
great-tasting vegetables are grown and picked at the peak of perfection.
Green Giant has been implementing sustainability into the business since
1929 when the company introduced vacuum-pack technology and Green Giant
has plans to continue to become “greener” in the future. The brand is
now part of General Mills, Inc.

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