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Vermont Business Magazine Choosing where to attend college is a life-changing decision, one that the majority of students (and their parents) research diligently. For many, their choice turns out to be the right one. But some students, once enrolled, find that the culture, cost, or curriculum at their current school isn’t suited to their needs. What can they do, the second time around, to find the college that is the perfect fit?

“Transferring is a big decision, one that students should approach carefully, thoughtfully and efficiently,” said Bob Allen, President, Green Mountain College (GMC), the nation’s number-one college and curriculum for sustainability. “At GMC, our transfer retention rate exceeds 90 percent, in part because our experienced admissions team understands what factors are most important for prospective students to consider.”

Top Transfer Considerations:

Cost: Make sure a transfer is affordable. Pay special attention to whether your previous undergraduate credits will be honored so that you can graduate within four years, and not be required to pay for extra courses.

Example: GMC grants credit for all courses passed with a grade of “C” or above, just one strategy for ensuring that its programs remain within financial reach

Culture: What does the school do to make sure you feel welcome and empowered to hit the ground running? Are there dedicated support teams and orientation programs just for transfers?

Curriculum: Is your college’s specialization authentic? In the sustainability area, for instance, is this discipline a core focus in the classroom, residence halls, and community?

Career: Will your school lead to the career that you dream about? Are alumni not only employed but happy with their current situations?

Can it Still be Done? At GMC, yes! The college will hold Summer Transfer Application Days through August 24. Admissions are on a rolling basis. For more information, please visit

About Green Mountain College – First in Sustainability
The nation’s number-one college and curriculum for sustainability, Green Mountain Collegeprepares students to build meaningful careers pursuing social, economic and environmental sustainability. Ninety-seven percent of graduates are employed or in graduate school and ninety-five percent of graduates are satisfied or very satisfied in their work. 

SOURCE POULTNEY, Vt., July 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Green Mountain College

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