Greener BeeGreen TipsHill City Flower Show goes green, tips for gardeners

Hill City, SD Hill City was blooming with the annual Flower Show, Saturday.

This year’s theme brings the go green movement to new heights.

These crawlers sometimes make people squirm.

But at Cathie Draine’s home … worms help her garden grow.

A pet of sorts.

Cathie Draine, a gardener, said “Which yes, live in my house. And yes, they eat my kitchen garbage. And no, they do not smell.”

These composting worms turn her garbage into a flower’s treasure.

In about 6 months, they’ll create a bucket of fertilizer. A trick Cathie learned about 10 years ago.

Draine said “I used to say to people ‘I want to show you my worms.’ I’ve learned that’s not really a good opening line.”

But the trend is growing and this expert says more than 90 percent of insects will also help.

Draine said “Although it’s hard to believe, trust me on this, the greater population you have – the healthier your garden will be.”

They’ll bring birds flocking and reduce plant diseases.

A lesson taught at the Hill City Flower Show, today – with the theme ‘Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose’.

Cheryl Rudel, a judge, said “We love to use compost. We like to use things that have been used before.”

And they’re planting the seed of ‘going green’ with our younger generation.

Rudel siad “Because kids are our future. And we need to keep our environment, our ecology going and we can’t do that if we’re not planting and growing things.”

About 15 kids entered into the show today – ranging from 3 to 12 years old – which helps fulfill the club’s goal of teaching children.

Merlene Broer, the president of the Hill City Evergreen Garden Club, said “Being responsible. That’s the biggest thing – they have to be responsible for that plant.”

This year’s event received about 40 total entries in categories from cut flowers to arrangements.

And they came from as far as Hot Springs and Rapid City.

Rudel said “There’s many different varieties at this show every year and it’s a joy to be able to see all the beautiful things that people do. They’re very creative.”

The garden club is a non-profit volunteer organization which started in the 1980’s.

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