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Green Bay, Wis. (WFRV) – Trees are blooming, grass is growing, which means spring is in full swing.

At Schroeder’s Flowers in Green Bay, color explodes from every angle as the thought of spring planting crosses the mind of shoppers.

“Pansies and violas are great to plant right now, petunias would be fine also,” said Brian Schoeder, a horticulturist at Schroeder’s Flowers.

One thing to consider with planting flowers in may is late season frost, in fact, just this week there was a frost advisory issued.

So a good general rule for planting temperature sensitive flowers and plants is to wait until Memorial weekend.

“The general average frost date for Green Bay is like May 17th,” said Schroeder. “Tomatoes and vegetables that can’t hand the cold should not be planted before that.”

Beside planting, there are other ways to prepare your yard for the summer season.

Matt Killian with Lawnmasters in Green Bay says now is the time to think about fertilizer, weed control and crab grass prevention at home.

“Get that fertilizer treatment down, you’ll get nitrogen in the soil and get a boost going, get all the weeds cleaned up,” said Killian.

Many people are concerned about the health and safety of fertilizers, but according to Killian, it is safe if you follow a general rule.

“We usually ask that people, if we put any liquid products down that they dry before pets or children go out on lawns, that usually doesn’t take much longer than an hour on a nice sunny day,” he said.

So get ready to get your hands dirty because the growing season is almost here.

On average, the last date for a spring freeze of thirty-two degrees or colder is May 6th.

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