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Speaking of associates, throughout Mafia III you’ll unlock a number of them, who you can call up to make your life easier. You can also upgrade these associates by making the underboss they work for earn more money.

So when you first employ Vito Scaletta, you’ll also get the associate who will pick up your cash and drive it to your safe. Earn Vito $140,000, and this associate will also collect kickbacks from your underbosses for you.

After earning Vito $30,000 you’ll also be able to call in armed backup – fighters who will drive to your location and help you take down rival gangs. Earn $220,000 with Vito and these backup fighters will get an upgrade, and if you get $370,000 for Vito you’ll be able to call in a four-man kill squad.

After recruiting Cassandra you can call a van to drive weapons to your location. This is a great way to stock up on ammo before a confrontation with a rival gang, and as you continue to play the game, better guns and more useful supplies will be made available.

Once you have Thomas Burke working for you, you’ll be able to call up an associate to drop off a vehicle. These are select cars and vans that you can choose from a menu, and the more you play, the better the vehicles that are available will become – this can be very useful for getting you out of a tight spot if you need a quick getaway.

Also, after earning Burke $30,000, you’ll also get an associate who you can ask to clear police zones – these are the areas in which the police will search for you when you’re caught breaking the law. Also, the police will ignore crimes for 30 seconds to start with, but as you earn Burke more money the length of time for which the police ignore crimes will increase.

To call an associate, open up the weapon menu by pressing L1 on PS4, or LB on Xbox One, and select the associate’s logo – they’ll soon drive up to your location.

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