Greener BeeGreen TipsMake your home smog-proof: 5 easy tips to create a green corner that will help you breathe easy

By Arshi Mukri

The smog is Delhi has been a matter of concern, one that you simply can’t ignore. The greenhouse gasses in Delhi resemble the great smog of 1952. As the smog becomes a major health emergency, we can play our part in helping filter the air, by beginning the green crusade at home.

Make your home smog-proof with potted treasures of air that can come grounded, hanging or floating. Follow some botanical pointers to purify your abode and breathe healthy.

Scented Salons

Welcome your guests with blooming orchids hanging gorgeously on lantern planters, and striking lilies that give your home a spring of colour. Add a fragrance to your living room with a nursery of jasmine flowers that have been used for centuries to safeguard the skin and hair from changing weather conditions.

Make your home smog-proof: 5 easy tips to create a green corner that will help you breathe easy
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Patio Paradise

Create a tropical paradise in your courtyard with evergreen shrubs, sparkling water fountains and quirky outdoor seats entwined in money plant creepers. Stage a picturesque picnic replete with Bombay sandwiches and chai to enjoy the soothing pastures. Complete your secret garden with a lotus pond and use its roots as an antioxidant to cleanse your system.

Delightful Dining

Escalate the banquet experience and eliminate any toxicity in the air with snake plants that absorb chemicals from the air, while revitalising the atmosphere. If you’re looking for a chic privacy screen, bamboo plants make brilliant hedges, you could also add a Feng Shui plant to help sanitise the environment.

Privileged Pantries

The pantry is the epicentre for all fixes and mixes to cure you from the fumes that you are exposed to daily. Use wooden and rail planters to grow an admirable arsenal of therapeutic plants. From Tulsi that cures respiratory ailments to the popular Aloe Vera that combats the toxins in your body, these plants are great a way to keep your skin glowing.

Beautiful Boudoirs

Why gush over the lush jungles of Kerala when you can have your own utopian sanctuary in your bedroom. Deck your chambers with a few weeping figs that filter out emissions and make bedtime a rejuvenating affair. Finish the look with low-maintenance spider plants that revive the tranquillity of your den. Grooming your home in shades of green invigorates both, body and mind.

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