Greener BeeGreen TipsPoCo offers green tips in wake of pesticide ban

It’s been more than two weeks since Port Coquitlam officially banned cosmetic pesticides, and now the city is making alternative resources for lawn and garden care all the more available.

Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore said pesticides are harmful to human health and the environment, but that doesn’t mean banning them will take away a healthy lawn and garden.

“With proper gardening techniques, pesticides really are unnecessary,” he said in a media release. “Strong grass pushes out the weeds. Our family never had dandelions and weeds on our lawn, and we rarely had to water because the grass had long roots that dug down into the soil.”

The city says they have web and printed resources available upon request to help gardeners make the transition to natural gardening.

Tips from them include grass cycling, natural fertilizer, watering thoroughly but infrequently, aerate and overseeding and selecting plants suitable for the Lower Mainland’s climate.

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