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If you are like most gardeners you have some green spots, weedy spots and bare spots in the home lawn. Now just as the spring growing season is about to begin is the best time to regreen the entire home lawn.

First decide what portion of the lawn can be saved. Then dig out or spot kill the weedy areas with Roundup, Finale or similar weed control products labeled for lawn renovation. After the weeds begin to brown rake out the dead portions and till these and barren areas several inches deep to prepare the planting site.

Quickly reestablish a new lawn using plugs or sod of St. Augustine and seed or sod of bahia grass. Keep new lawns moist and apply a first feeding in 3 to 4 weeks. Then follow these tips to keep the home turf attractive.

– Mow when the grass reaches the desired height.

– Water when spots of grass begin to curl the leaf blades and turn a pale green.

– Give new lawns a repeat feeding in early summer.

– Check weekly for insects and diseases that need control.

– Hand pull or spot kill weeds becoming established.

Spring is a great time to reestablish your lawn. Now is the time to feed most lawns too with a quality lawn fertilizer found at your garden centers. One lawn fertilizer is usually suitable for all lawn types. Just follow the information on the label to make the best application that regreens your lawn.

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