Greener BeeGreen TipsREAPS offers helpful “Green Tips” for 2017 and beyond

Residents in Prince George were faced with throwing out an abundance of wrapping paper and other materials during Christmas.

The Recycling Environmental Action Planning Society (REAPS) is offering green solutions for 2017’s Holiday Season.

Terri McClymont says people can do several things to be more green after purchasing your gifts.

“Look at how you are wrapping up your gifts. What kind of gifts are you purchasing? You may want to look at purchasing gift cards, movie nights as those are easy to wrap up.”

“Buying in bulk, using a towel to wrap up, you can also create a gift bag out of materials left over from different sewing projects using things like tissue paper.”

When it comes to food, McClymont encourages you to buy local and possibly donate your left over food instead of throwing it out.

“Winter time is the best time to compost and remember to take your bags, mugs, and water bottles with you, hang your clothes to dry and cook from scratch if possible.”

She adds you might be surprised at these suggestions, but she believes it’s effective and we can all contribute to the environment in baby steps.

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