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The Green Giant himself is sprouting up in New York City on Tuesday,
October 2, with Alison Sweeney, actress, author and host of The
Biggest Loser
, to motivate families to eat one more veggie a day so
they can grow up to be the best they can be. The event, called “One
Giant Pledge,” is taking place on Monday at Vanderbilt Hall in Grand
Central Terminal, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. At noon, Alison Sweeney will
take a public oath on behalf of her family to simply eat one more
vegetable each day. She’ll be on hand to chat with other moms and dads
about how making this commitment can be fun and easy with the help of
the Green Giant.

Families are invited to the One Giant Pledge spectacular, where they can
meet a larger-than-life, augmented reality version of the Green Giant.
Participants will literally interact one-on-one with the friendly,
giant-sized character, who will reward them with a fist bump or
high-five when they pledge to eat one more veggie a day.

By enlisting the help of Alison Sweeney, a mom of two who understands
the importance of her kids eating their veggies, Green Giant is hoping
to inspire both everyone to be their very best by making healthy food
choices. She will be joined by child nutritionist Melissa Halas-Liang,
who will equip parents with healthy eating tips, recipes and more.
Veggie jugglers, stilt walkers and other entertainment will create a
fun, festive atmosphere to revel in as they take One Giant Pledge.

“As parents, it’s our responsibility to ensure our kids are having
healthy meals that include lots of veggies,” said Sweeney. “Green Giant
is the ultimate partner to support parents in this mission—we are taking
the One Giant Pledge and want everyone else to join us!”

The event is geared toward New York City families who will be among the
first to take the pledge in person with the Green Giant.

Jonathan Morano, Principal of Sacred Heart School of Jesus in New York
City, encourages families to take the pledge. “We recognize the
importance of eating healthy to keep our students’ bodies and minds
strong,” said Morano. “One Giant Pledge is a creative way to get kids
excited about eating one more vegetable a day.”

Take One Giant Pledge Online
Those who can’t attend the
event can take One Giant Pledge online by visiting the Green Giant
Facebook page at
Families can pledge to eat more vegetables with an online Green Giant
experience. Each participating family member will identify a goal—such
as becoming an astronaut or teacher—that is motivating them to take the
pledge and can upload a picture to generate a fun, customized pledge
with the Green Giant. That “Proof of Pledge” can be used for sharing,
printing and adding to the Facebook photo gallery. Other fun tips and
tools and rewards will be available, such as a 30-day pledge calendar,
wristbands and more.

About Green Giant
Green Giant started out in Le Sueur,
Minnesota, as the Minnesota Valley Canning Company in 1903, when some
11,750 cases of white cream-style corn were sold in the company’s first
year. For the past 100 years, the Giant’s Valley is where fresh and
great-tasting vegetables are grown and picked at the peak of perfection.
Green Giant has been implementing sustainability into the business since
1929 when the company introduced vacuum-pack technology and Green Giant
has plans to continue to become “greener” in the future. The brand is
now part of General Mills, Inc.

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