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Gel nails
Those who don’t have the time to tame their tips must get gel nails. These are akin to fake nails but aren’t made of plastic. Hard or soft gel is used to extend the nail bed. The gel nails are plain and well-manicured. On this, you can choose your nail art or paint them using gel polish. This nail enamel lasts for over two weeks without chipping or peeling. Once you are ready for a change, the manicurist will have to dilute the gel nails in a special solution to rid them of the polish.

Colour blocking
The rules of nail colours have changed. While last season was all about neons, pink and its shades — from fuchsia, wine, peach and onion — are in this season. Just as is the case with clothes, nail colouring needs a bit of ‘blocking’ i.e. one big splotch of a contrasting shade in an otherwise monochrome ensemble. For nails, while all your fingernails can be plainly painted, choose one solid colour, such as black, gold, beige or white, on one nail to create a stark difference. Use the same technique for your toe nails too.

Reign of the print
From stripes and florals to zigzag lines and delicate motifs, printed nails are very popular. We suggest you don’t go all out and paint all your nails in varying prints. Keep it subtle and choose only one style — nautical blue and white stripes for a beach party, florals for dates and weddings and geometric prints for a normal day at work.

Reverse manicure
Reverse manicure is the opposite of a French manicure. In this, the crescent, or white smile line, is near the nail bed and not at the tips of the nails. To add to the quirkiness, choose some of these bright combinations — pink and orange, green and teal or navy blue and beige. Just ensure you choose one neutral colour so the bright one can be enhanced.

Ombré paint
Colour shading first trended on clothes, then on hair and is now moving to the nails. Ombræ nails look gorgeous when worn with plain clothes, especially with white. Opt for bright colours, such as lemon green, scarlet or beet red, as these look fantastic when graded. This style is difficult and messy to do at home. We suggest you get a manicurist to do this for you.

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