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As pumpkins don porches and weather begins to cool, it’s the perfect season to cut back on water use and tighten up water bills. Looking for the top ways to do our part in conserving Arizona’s precious resource, we spoke with our Green Valley plumbing expert, Tim Trosper, Owner of Green Valley Plumbing. He supplied several tips to implement fall water conservation.

* The weather is cooler and the sun is gentler. Trosper said now is the time to set your automatic irrigation back to a winter watering schedule. “You can cut down on watering both in duration and repetition,” Trosper said.

*Invest in water-saving toilets. “Many homes and businesses have three and a half to five gallon tanks – but low-flow toilets flush well on just one and a half gallons,” Trosper said.

*Change your shower heads to water-savers. This simple fix will really save on water. You can purchase them in any hardware store or call a plumber to install them easily.

*Purchase a hot water recirculating system. Water in your faucet will be warm immediately which cuts out the 60-second water run to attain hot water. Trosper said that this is a heavier investment but a well-working system will save you in the long-run

“As residents of Southern Arizona and good stewards of our water, we all have to do our part,” Trosper said. “As plumbers for the Green Valley area, we enjoy helping our community implement water-saving appliances into their homes and businesses.”

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