Greener BeeGreen TipsWhat Are The Leaves In ‘Pokémon GO’? Tips And Tricks To Becoming A Pokémon Master

Pokémon GO is gaining momentum as Nintendo’s hit mobile app, and fans have had plenty of time to begin catching Pokémon and learning more about the game as they go. Now that old and new players alike have begun diving into the game, tips and tricks are starting to surface.

Catching Pokémon in Pokémon GO seems easy enough. Based on location, players will move around the area and watch their screens for signs of Pokémon popping up. With a tap, some thrown Pokéballs, and a few moments of wondering if the Pokemon is truly caught, players can add all sorts of new companions to their inventory. However, there appear to be some things that are left unexplained. When will legendaries be released? Are there features that have yet to be realized?

Perhaps one of the biggest questions in Pokémon GO is what the green leaves signify. The areas below trainers will sometimes yield a small amount of leaves that appear on the screen, fading away after seconds. In a report by Heavy, it was found that the leaves represent areas where Pokémon are likely to appear. The original Pokémon games have a similar function, as trainers are bound to begin walking through grass in order to engage in Pokémon battles. With this knowledge, a player is more likely to find Pokémon in that area than where they may currently be.

Pokémon GO can be luck of the draw for some trainers, however. The leaves don’t always guarantee that Pokémon can be found there, and it may not even be a new Pokemon that the trainer has been searching for. Still, it gives motivation to continue the search for the more rare, powerful Pokémon. A player’s level determines what types of Pokémon trainers will see, encouraging the capture of duplicate Pokémon in order to help level a player’s character.

There’s also a tool in Pokémon GO that allows players to know what kind of Pokémon are in the area. If you’ve followed the show through the years, then it’s almost a guarantee that you’re familiar with the guessing game that occurs between the Pokémon television series commercials. Ash and crew will shout “Who’s that Pokémon!?” and reveal its identity shortly after. The same concept exists in Pokémon GO.

According to a report by Attack of the Fanboy, players are able to pinpoint what Pokémon is nearby and the type of footprints they leave behind. Only the silhouette of the Pokémon can be seen, but players can tap on the icon and use the GPS navigation to come closer to finding just where the Pokémon may be. It’s been noted that the trainer’s level will also dictate the rarity of the Pokémon, meaning that the strength of captured companions will be based on the player’s experience.

Developer Nintendo-Niantic has yet to reveal all of what’s in store for Pokémon GO players, but it seems that the content available now is only just the beginning. Choosing a team (Mystic, Instinct, or Valor), for example, doesn’t appear to have any more than your self-explanatory consequences. Will this limit players to being able to receive only their respective legendary bird as a result? Will a trading system enable players to alleviate such a detriment? Time will tell. Nintendo is known for its drive to bring new things to the table, so speculation is almost certainly leaning toward the positive side of things.

How do you feel about Pokémon GO? Are you enjoying the game? Do you think that it will have a long lifespan with so many players participating? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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