Greener BeeGreen TipsYour 101 Guide To Cleaning Your Home’s Air — No Purifier Required

Cleaning up at home is a long game that requires maintenance, so vow to keep up with your stricter cleaning routine and buying standards. The EWG’s Healthy Home Guide is a great tool to reference the next time you’re in the market for a larger home purchase, and it has easy-to-follow tips on shopping for everything from paint to mattresses to carpeting.

While investing in an air purifier can’t hurt, Stoiber says it should be your last resort. “It won’t be incredibly effective, since a lot of particles are pretty heavy, and those are going to settle on your floor,” she says, recommending any model on the California Air Resources Board’s vetted list.

“They are best placed in the bedroom and in areas where you spend a lot of time,” adds Moday. “However, they are only capable of cleaning a certain amount of air each hour, so they are not super helpful in a large space like a loft.”

If you’re still concerned about your air quality at home after making these tweaks, consider making an appointment to get your space professionally tested for toxins. Or, if you live in a “radon zone“—the Great Plains, Midwest, and upper Northeast states—inexpensive kits can usually detect this chemical.

Wondering how to get the most bang for your cleaning buck? Check out the eight best ways to detox your home, ranked by effectiveness.

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